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Tom K.

I am new to the Alpharetta area and I have been searching for a few months for the right person to cut my hair. Lisa did a great job cutting my hair and I'm glad to say I have found the right provider for me. Though quite efficient, Lisa was very careful and checked with me as she proceeded with my haircut. Lisa was enjoyable to talk to during my appointment as well. Lisa is relatively new to the area and is building her business. So if you are in the market for a new haircare provider, I can save you some time and money. Feel confident in booking Lisa for your haircare needs.

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Laura T.

If you ever have a chance to sit in Lisa's chair, consider yourself very LUCKY. Not only is She incredibly talented, once you have had Lisa it will be hard to go anywhere else! Not only is she beautiful to look at, she runs her business with the upmost professionalism .ALPHARETTA , BE PREPARED TO BE WOWED

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Acman P.

I mean, what can be better than a relaxing shave?!  Lisa does a great job, if you don't give her a try it is your loss!

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J. Bakutes

Lisa and I just met and I am a new client- but I booked another appointment at the end of the previous one. The highlights she did on my hair were fantastic! Further the overall experience was top notch! Thanks Lisa- I can't wait to get together again.

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N. Herron

The hot lather shave from Lisa was ridiculously relaxing. My face hasn't been that smooth since I was a child! Guys, you need to call her immediately.

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Donna H.

I constantly get people stopping me to tell me they love my haircut or color.  That has been going on for years.  While I get the ego boost a lot of the credit goes to Lisa Bryant.  She has been doing my cut and color for over 20 years.  I have very thick curly hair and wear it in a short A line bob. Not the easiest cut to perfect for my type of hair but being the artist Lisa is she has made me feel beautiful time and time again. She really takes the time to understand what you want and what your hair needs.  A true artist and best friend.  Don't delay, go see Lisa!

"Quote from customer"
Susan S.

Simply put, Lady LIsa is A-MAY-ZING! Just like in the fairly tale, she literally spun my hair from straw into gold, taking my heavily sun-damaged locks (God, what a mess) and magically turning them into something shiny and silky that didn't belong on Chewbacca's head (no easy task, that). My husband's first reaction when I came home from Lisa's salon? "WOW".  Little hearts in his eyes just like the Bugs Bunny cartoon. Married people, I don't need to tell you: This, after 20 years together, is a great big deal. 

I'm heartbroken that she left California because she was the only one I'd ever let near my hair with a pair of scissors - and so much more than that, I had a blast laughing and chatting with her every time. No awkward silences, no arguments about what I wanted her to do, just enjoying a great time with a good friend and then looking like a million billion bucks when she released me back into the wild. She's wonderful, witty, and a genuine master artist who will transform your look into something that you never even dared to hope it could be. 

Proud citizens of Georgia, I say this: You have just found your new go-to stylist. You will NOT be disappointed. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your mailman. Tell everyone. Your town is about to get even more beautiful thanks to Lisa's genius, you lucky, lucky people.

And give her a great big ol' hug for me while you're at it, willya?

"Quote from customer"
M. Morgan.

The sun shines brighter in Georgia now that Lisa has relocated. I had been w/ my stylist for 20 years and switched to Lisa. It was a scary decision but took a leap of faith. I wish I had made the change years sooner. Lisa makes you feel comfortable and has a true gift for her craft. She listens to you and gives you an honest, educated opinion as to what color and cut suits you best. She is sweet, funny and loves what she does ( and it shows!!) My heart is broken that she has left us in California.

"Quote from customer"

I love the way Lisa cuts my hair! I have tried to explain to many stylist how I like my layers and no one has been able to do them like her! 
She is extremely talented and can achieve any cut or color you can throw at her, I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for the best when it comes to their hair!

"Quote from customer"
Dawn A.

Lisa has been my stylist for ten years, she is incredible, a hair whisperer you might say!  She has magical talent for making everyone look amazing.  If I could fly to GA  from CA to get my hair done I most certainly would.  We all miss her wonderful warm personality, she is more than a hairdresser, she's a friend.

"Quote from customer"
Jillian H. 

If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is hire Lisa to do my hair EVERY DAY.  She is a magician.  I absolutely LOVE her new location!  Start to finish... A+++  Highly Recommend!!

"Quote from customer"
Jackie P. 

To say I have finally found the absolute best hair stylist in my life, would be an understatement. And I am trying not to sound over the top. But as the other reviews from her very long term clients have said. She amazing!!  My hair is fine and thinning, and when I went to her, I wasn't expecting anything other than the usual hair cut and color. I didn't look at my hair until she was finished. She tossed, cut and colored as if her hands were best best friends with my hair. It was so carefree and natural as if she was born to do this. When she finished, I felt like an entirely different person. I felt beautiful. The mixed color, she choose for me, along with the cut and style, made me look better than I have in a very long time, but more importantly made me feel good on the inside. Anyone who has given up on their hair, like I have, or just wants the most amazing peaceful relaxing experience....MUST GIVE HER A TRY. You will be hooked for life.

"Quote from customer"
Carla D. 

Lisa Bryant is a PRO!  She's been my hairdresser for many years.  She's recently relocated from CA to GA and I miss her.  She always knew what was best for my non-hair.  That's what I call it since it's fine and limp.

"Quote from customer"
Kathy A. 

I have been a client of Lisa Bryant for 10 years. Lisa is an amazing stylist, I work with the public and always received compliments from our patients on what an outstanding job Lisa did on my hair. I also like the fact that Lisa listens to what I want her to do to my hair, unlike some of the other stylist I had seen in the past. Lisa was always dependable and always runs on time, very professional.

"Quote from customer"
Wendy R. 

Lisa does the best haircuts and color around!!  Always great spending time and talking to her while getting a's like being with a friend you see everyday!!

"Quote from customer"
Stephanie M. 

Lisa is a master hairstylist of the highest caliber. She can make any man or woman look absolutely stunning in no time!  Lisa is a pro whether it is a cut, style, color, Brazilian blowout, whatever. She has worked miracles with my hair. I love going to her regularly.

"Quote from customer"
Rachel G. 

Safety Pin Savior 
I first met Lisa February 2006...and it was life changing.  I had been wearing weft hair extensions (the kind that are sewn onto a braid attached to the scalp - painful? why yes they were).  My baby fine blonde hair was not holding the braid and the extensions had loosened to a point that I needed to keep them secured to my head with safety pins.  No...not bobby pins, I actually was safety pinning the weft to what was left of the braid in my hair.  It was painful and embarrassing.  There had to be a better alternative.  A colleague suggested Lisa Bryant, and the rest was history.  

Lisa, visibly shaken by my pinned-up hair, immediately took me under her wing and explained how she could help.  She explained that keratin-tipped hair extensions were a much better choice for my hair type and would be better for the health of my hair. She did an exceptional color match and within a few hours, I went from a freaked out "hot-mess" to a glamorous gal.  Ten years have come and gone and each time that I leave Lisa's chair, I feel truly more beautiful and more special than the appointment before.  I'm incredibly thankful to have found her.  I will forever consider her my Magical "safety pin savior"!

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